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Istituto di Studi Politici “S. Pio V” was founded in 1971 in Rome. It is involved in the humanistic field of study.

In 1986, the Institute was recognized as a legal personality (Italian Presidential Decree of the 10th of February 1986 n. 101). In 2003, it obtained the status of “non-instrumental research institution” (Law 23/10/2003 n. 293) and started enhancing its activity of research that is carried out within three macro-areas: the historical-political area; the legal-economical area; the social, humanistic and linguistic one.

Scientific Board

Departement of Italian Studies, University of Toronto.

Institut für Romanistik, University of Graz.

Secretary-treasurer – “San Pio V” Institute of Political Studies, Rome.

President “San Pio V” Institute of Political Studies, Rome - La Sapienza University of Rome.

LEI (Etymological dictionary of Italian language) University of Vienna and of Mannheim.

President – Center of Excellence for Research: Osservatorio linguistico permanente dell’italiano diffuso fra stranieri e delle lingue immigrate in Italia, University for foreigners of Siena.

Committee of Experts

To carry out the activities for the Compendium, The Scientific Board has opted for a Committee of Experts that counts the following stable members:

Research Fellow in Historical Linguistics and Linguistics at the Online University of Florence (IUL). Her scientific is about various fields of Language Sciences.

Research Fellow in Semiotics and Philosophy of Language at the University for Foreigners of Siena. Among his publications: Il Discorso scientifico e la costruzione dell’Altro (Pacini Editore) and I Discorsi dell’Odio. Razzismo e Retoriche xenofobe sui social network ( Carocci Editore).

MA’s Degree in Language Sciences at the University for foreigners of Siena. She worked at the research project “Monterotondo-Mentana-Fonte Nuova 2019”.

PhD student at the University of Genoa. Her scientific activity is about the teaching of foreign languages through technological support.

MA’s Degree in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication at the University for foreigners in Siena. She is mainly interested in Migration Linguistics.

Digital marketing communication consultant. He is the executive director Dude.

Photo by Catarina Oberlander / CC BY 2.0
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