The project


The project Compendium of the Italian translations in the world, approved by Ministerial Decree  D.M. n.564 del 28/11/2019, aims to identify the validated translations of Italian works in the world. The Compendium efficiently contributes to substantiate the presence of Italian language and culture in the international scene. Considering that the Italian knowledge contribution to Western cultural heritage is expressed by and in the cultural and vehicular languages of the modern and contemporary world, we hope to create and spread a map of the Italian authors’ works in an international context, thus producing the Compendium. 

The Compendium of the Italian translations in the world, as a systemic survey, works as a map that is a fundamental tool for strategies of cultural politics and diplomacy; for both traditional and cutting-edge cultural entrepreneurship; for those who, working in Italy or abroad, are aware (or want to improve awareness) of the international role of Italian language and culture. 

Thus, the Compendium takes the form of a map, easily searchable according to several criteria: geolinguistic area; author; translator; text typology; work; cultural field. 

The Compendium realization process was based on three dimensions:

This project was planned in various stages. The first phase works as a pilot project, as a work pattern, as a model of conceptual and working processing, and as an investigation on the necessary tools to create it.

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